2500 MS-DOS Games for the Browser: And Suddenly it's 1990 again has significantly expanded its online game collection this month. With around 2500 newly uploaded titles from the MS-DOS era, the portal, which aims to make digital content permanently accessible, brings back many classics to the screens. The games can all be started directly here in the browser and try it for free.


Those who leaf through the titles find themselves back in time, when games were still delivered on floppy disks or CD-ROMs and often stuck in paper bags on magazines. Among the 2,500 newly added titles are some pearls, just as you encounter when scrolling through the offer but on junk like cheap "Tetris" flop, advertising programs and license flops like "Gremlins 2". Even something like this should be preserved for posterity.


Meanwhile, the number of games in the collection of has grown to around 7,000 titles. Four years ago, the operators of the portal had put thousands of games online.


Dataset for downloads is getting bigger


Deploying games through the browser brings challenges, the team said. For example, it was not easy to associate keystrokes with the game and not the browser itself, writes Jason Scott in a blog post. Scott has customized the MS-DOS games with the developers of the emulator project "Exodos" for the browser.


The data volume of CD-ROMs has also been a hurdle, it is said, since about 700 megabytes fit on such a CD – thereby also the download times for users have become longer. For example, "The Secret of Monkey Island" downloads around 1.5 gigabytes of browser data, which takes a few minutes.


But even if some games stutter in the practice test, sometimes the mouse hangs and keyboard inputs are swallowed: The collection is very good for a trip into the gaming world of the eighties and nineties.


Want to try a classic? Here are ten recommendations for the collection of


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