Disappointed investor reconciles: "Stranger Things" lets Netflix grow




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Netflix, with its subscribers, enjoys the markets: in the third quarter, 6.77 million new users were added worldwide. That was less than hoped for, but the shares are still starting to soar.


The streaming giant Netflix has gained new customers in the third quarter thanks to hits like "Stranger Things". Bottom line, the number of payment subscriptions in the three months to the end of September increased worldwide by 6.8 million, as the online video service after the US market closed. While keeping its own forecast of seven million new users, Netflix exceeded market expectations.

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<p> Overall, paid memberships totaled close to 158 million at the end of the quarter, which was well received by investors, with the stock up more than 8 percent after-hours, with Netflix facing the launch of new streaming services from financially strong rivals Disney and Apple Shareholders were disappointed with relatively weak growth in the previous quarter, with a slump in user numbers in the key US home market, which was much better in the recent quarter, with 517,000 new subscribers in the US </p>
<p> Also financially it was running around recently: The profit climbed year on year from 403 million to 665 million dollars (600.5 million euros), and thus much stronger than expected by analysts jumped 31 percent to $ 5.2 billion. </p>
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