Donald Trump asks China for help in Ukraine affairs – Democrats are outraged

US President Donald Trump has provoked outrage by requesting investigations in China against his political rival Joe Biden. This shows Trump again that he "puts his personal advantage on defending the integrity of our elections," said House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. He wanted to win again with the help of a foreign government, the Democrat criticized.


Trump replied to his critics that as president he had "the absolute right, even the duty," to investigate corruption. "That would involve asking or encouraging other countries to help us out," Trump tweeted late Thursday.


Chairman of the Intelligence Committee, Adam Schiff, wrote on Twitter: "The president can not use the power of his office to urge foreign statesmen to investigate his political opponents." Biden, in turn, accused the president of "abusing power," which endangers the security of the country. Biden had already dealt with Trump the day before and said in his direction: "They will not destroy me."


Video: Biden attacks Trump



Trump is already threatened with impeachment for encouraging Ukrainian President Volodymyr Selenskyj in a telephone conversation in late July to investigate Joe Biden and his son Hunter. According to the Democrats, Trump temporarily used blocked military aid as a means of pressure. However, the content of the conversation came to the public only after an anonymous intelligence officer filed a complaint with an internal control panel.


That he sees no guilt with himself, Trump made clear again with his statements on Thursday. In front of cameras, he said in the White House garden overlooking the Ukraine, "I would think that if they were honest, they would launch a full investigation of the bidens." If he were in the place of Ukrainian President Selenskyj, "I would certainly recommend that". Trump added, "And by the way, China should also begin an investigation of the bidens."


Trump claims, among other things, that Hunter Biden set up a business for a fund when he accompanied his father on an official trip to China in late 2013. Evidence for this and the other allegations against the Bidens Trump did not present


 Joe and Hunter Biden (2010 at a basketball game in Washington)

Nick Wass / AP

Joe and Hunter Biden (2010 at a basketball game in Washington)


The US station CNN reports that Trump spoke to Biden and Elizabeth Warren in a telephone conversation with China's head of state Xi Jinping in June – the Senator, like Biden, is ahead in the Democratic presidential race. The broadcaster relies on the information provided by two unnamed persons who know the content of the telephone call. A report of this, according to the report, has been stored in a specially secured system.


US diplomats to have prepared opinion for Selenskyj


Meanwhile, Democrats are continuing their investigations into possible impeachment. On Friday, the US Intelligence Inspector General Michael Atkinson is scheduled to testify in front of the three investigating committees in the House of Representatives. On Thursday, the former Special Envoy for Ukraine, Kurt Volker, was already heard for about ten hours. The sessions take place behind closed doors.


According to a report in the New York Times, Volker and US Ambassador to the EU, Gordon Sondland, have prepared a statement for Selenskyj, with which Ukraine has undertaken to investigate the gas company Burisma. The company once employed Joe Biden's son Hunter.


If the report is true, it would be further evidence that the government has actively promoted investigations that would harm Trump's rival Biden.


Deadline for Pompeo expires


To be summoned in Congress also US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo. For him expires on Friday, a deadline for the publication of documents in connection with the Ukrainian economy, to which he was summoned under penalty threat. The Democrats also want to force the White House under penalty of punishment for the publication of documents. For this they wanted to adopt a so-called Subpoena this Friday, should the White House, the already requested on 9 September documents do not submit.


With his recent statements in the direction of Ukraine and China, Trump reinforces the "urgency of our work," said committee chief ship.



In the Ukraine affair, the Democrats accuse Trump of having abused his office for a foreign government to intervene in his favor in his favor. Since the announcement of the Democrats to launch investigations into possible impeachment, the power struggle between Trump and the Democrats has taken on a new dimension. Trump had spoken against him on Tuesday of a "coup".


Biden is applying for the Democratic presidential nomination for the November 2020 election. Trump accuses Biden of trying to sack the Ukrainian Attorney General as US Vice President to protect his son Hunter from justice. Trump has not provided any evidence for any of his allegations.

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