Ex-HSV pro Uli Stein taunts Lucien Favre and Marco Reus

The dreary appearance of BVB in the happy draw in the Revier derby against Schalke 04 leaves the criticism of Lucien Favre and his Team getting louder and louder. With Uli Stein now announces a Bundesliga legend to speak. The ex-professional leaves hardly a good hair on the coach of Dortmund.

"In the end, what the team on the court shows only what the coach pretends on the sidelines," said Stein To consider football talk "Sky90".


The former HSV keeper found in this context clear words for the appearance of BVB coach Favre: "There are no emotions, even in the Derby he does not feigner right with the Dortmund need a motivator who tackles the players correctly and The last one tickles out. "

Stein also took the players of the Black and Yellow to the chest. Especially captain Marco Reus drew the criticism of the 65-year-old: "If I see Marco Reus in front, who plays exactly what the coach out there pretends no emotions, there is nothing." On the contrary, Reus is "the first to dive when it is not running, and as a captain he actually has to live in the square and does not do it."

"In the end, they have two construction sites," summed up the Hamburg-born: "Once the captain who does not do it and then the coach Dortmund has to play more creative." You have to give the players freedom. " One should not just do everything according to "Scheme F," judged Stein.

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