Kylie Jenner on alleged separation: "friendship takes precedence"

Love and passion express people differently. Some turtle in public, others rarely see more than a chaste kiss. However, the affection that reality TV star Kylie Jenner showed to rapper Travis Scott could even be more restrained than hypothermia.


Following reports of an alleged separation from Scott, the 22-year-old wrote on Twitter simply, "Travis and I get along very well." Halfheartedly, a denial can hardly be formulated. She added the words: "Our main focus is now Stormi, our friendship and our daughter take precedence."


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Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott:
Thin Dementia


Even weeks ago, Jenner sounded a lot more euphoric. In the September issue of "Playboy" she praised her relationship with the 28-year-olds – despite the offspring. "You can be sexy and a good mother at the same time," she said, talking about a fulfilling sex life with Scott.


Random meeting with the ex


US media had previously speculated on the pair's love affair. Daughter Stormi was born in February 2018 – and electrified people worldwide. Kylie is the youngest member of the Jenner Kardashian Family Clan, currently the most famous TV family in the US. A few years ago, the model launched its own cosmetics brand, making it the world's youngest billionaire.


In another tweet, Kylie Jenner also rejected speculation about an alleged meeting with her ex-boyfriend Tyga. "The Internet makes everything a hundred times more dramatic than it actually is," wrote Jenner. There was no nightly date with the musician. They met by chance.


In April, Jenner celebrated the anniversary of her relationship with Scott at the Coachella Music Festival. There, both came closer to each other two and a half years ago.

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