Last Halloween fitting: Heidi Klum leaves nothing to chance




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Halloween is not for cowards, and Heidi Klum's Halloween party is not for laymen. The 46-year-old is just in the middle of the preparations for her own costume and plays it safe. Anyway, the last fitting is a big one.


The countdown is on for Heidi Klum's legendary Halloween party in New York. The annual Sause takes place for the 20th time this year and thus celebrates a round anniversary.

For weeks, the 46-year-old is in the preparations for her costume. So far, she has only revealed that there will be a couple outfit with husband Tom Kaulitz again. The second of the two, because last year you could experience them as ogre pair Shrek and Fiona. The curiosity of their fans on the anniversary costume heats Klum now via Instagram on. New videos show their final fitting …

The model will obviously wear an elaborate face mask. A video on Instagram shows how she is adapted to a facial prosthesis. In another clip, she apparently films the inside and asks her fans if they have any idea what she's going to turn into.

Anything is Possible

Her subscribers have already touched on other things an Alien, a Conehead, Frankenstein's Bride, the Joker, Nefertiti, Marie Antoinette, the Terminator and Two-Face. The Statue of Liberty, "The Queen of the Damned", Medusa, the monster from "The Shape of Water", a mummy and a zombie from "The Walking Dead" are also in the running. Even US President Donald Trump does not rule out the fans.

You can see the resolution later this day. Interested parties can follow Klum's transformation live in a shop window in New York. However, one should bring stamina and perhaps a seat – the procedure should last the entire day.

At her former Halloween parties Klum disguised herself as a comic character Jessica Rabbit, Cleopatra, as a gorilla and as a vampire. As a wrinkled granny with gray hair and a walking stick in 2013, she really liked herself, Klum once told the Hollywood Reporter. "So I did not become someone else, but myself, just older."

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