Mainz 05 manages liberation in the table cellar

Fool Hall Marsh instead of Kölle Alaaf: The FSV Mainz 05 has landed in the duel of the carnival clubs of the Bundesliga a liberation and the worries of the 1st FC Cologne again tightened.

The Mainz won the entertaining basement duel on Friday night with 3: 1 (1: 1) and thus passed in the table at the Rhineland.


Simon Terodde (14 ') first put the visitors ahead, but Jean-Paul Boetius (21), Swede Robin Quaison (57) with a fierce long-range shot and Levin Öztunali (82') scored the match. While the Mainz left the penultimate place in the table by their third victory in the ninth season game, the "Effzeh" falls back on the relegation rank.

"That was a competitive game," said Quaison, adding to his dream goal: "I just shot and the ball was in. Football is easy." Cologne goalkeeper Timo Horn was disappointed: "It's brutal, we started well, then Mainz put pressure on them and they had a good goalkeeper, then this shot comes, it's sensational, I chalk up the third goal."

Cologne coach Achim Beierlorzer showed his fighting spirit: "We have to keep working on things that we did not do so well, we'll continue on our way."

A footballing treat was actually in the run-up not necessarily to be expected. Finally, the hitherto worst offensive of the league (Mainz) met the second worst (Cologne). However, while the hosts were initially struck by the uncertainty after the weak start of the season, the people of Cologne were in the lead from the start.

Early Cologne leadership resigned for offside

The first uproar was already over four minutes. FSV keeper Robin Zentner rescued Terodde with a great reflex. Although Florian Kainz sank the margin, Florian Kainz's referee ended his referee Frank Willenborg with a whistle – Kingsley Schindler had been actively sidelined.

So the guests had to wait another ten minutes before they finally got over were allowed to look forward to the tour. Terodde's worth seeing completion of the turn struck unsustainably in the long corner. But instead of giving the Cologne security, the hit seemed like a wake-up call for the previously somewhat lethargic Mainz.

Adam Szalai from a distance (15th) and Öztunali by direct defeat (19) failed just barely, but the fine individual performance of Boetius brought the Mainz back into the game. Until the break, the 05er remained the more active team, worked out several other possibilities.

Öztunali takes care of the decision

After the break was then suddenly back on the trigger. A free kick by Kainz (49th) was still relatively easy prey for Zentner, much more demanded was the FSV goalkeeper a little later in a deflected shot and a brace from Louis Schaub (50./52.). On the other side Daniel Brosinski (53.) closed a counterattack too hastily.

Then Quaison took a heart and scored from around 25 meters to 2: 1. Almost in return, the towering hundredweight saved strongly against Terodde. Cologne intensified once again its offensive efforts, brought among other things with the ex-Mainz Jhon Córdoba another striker. So it was an exciting final phase in which Öztunali made the decision.

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