My dad, the murdering monster: The Rostock "police call" in the quick check




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<p class= Commissar Pöschel (Andreas Guenther) has his own theories about the murders.

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A sex murderer terrifies Rostock: While Commissioners Bukow and König are getting stuck in their investigations, the minor daughter of an inconspicuous moving contractor is in the mother of all conscience conflicts.

The Scenario

A woman murderer is murdered in Rostock – and not just since yesterday, but for almost 20 years. The population has long forgotten the case, because 15 years have passed since the first four murders, but now the "Monster of Rostock" suddenly hits again and kill first an outlier and then a Danish tourist. The killer cuts his young victims' womb and sometimes an arm out of the dead bodies, probably to keep them as "keepsakes" and to satisfy his sick sexual fantasies. Commissars King (Anneke Kim Sarnau) and Bukov (Charly Hübner) stop and lie down to stop the murderer before he can grab his next victim.

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<p class= King (Anneke Kim Sarnau) and Bukow (Charly Hübner) almost despair of searching for that Murderer

Soon, however, the investigators face a huge problem: their main suspect, the moving contractor Kern (Simon Schwarz ), has an alibi for the murders, issued by his daughter Marla (Emilia Nöth), who is about the same age as the murdered.For that, the exalted Mancrafter and permanent student Hansen (Alexander Beyer) confesses after confessing from his wife (Angelika Winkler) has been blacked out, who sees in him the murderer.The only problem: Hansen's story pass not from the front to the back. Meanwhile, Marla goes through hell in an attempt to gauge her father's guilt: so much speaks against him, but Kern's explanations also make sense. And besides, Dad does not kill girls. Or, is not it?

The message itself

A female murderer rarely looks like the monster we generally imagine. Instead, it could be anyone. So the right follow-up question is: where does healthy skepticism end and where does paranoia begin?

This is discussed at lunchtime

The moment Marla sees and understands everything What she had feared is cruel reality – and then confronted her father with it. And he just says, "If I'm a murderer, you're also a murderer." What such a sentence can do to a pubescent girl is shown most brutally only a few minutes later.

The plausibility factor

High. "Dark Gemini" is also so brutally close to you because what you've just shown could happen in any family.


8.5 out of 10 points. The new "police call" remains true to itself in every respect: On the fact that the Rostock deliver, one can rely on as a spectator as almost always.

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