"Not Fire of the Gospel": Pope: Profiteering is behind Amazon fire




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Heavy fires have raged for years in the world's largest tropical forest. The head of the Catholic Church sees the earth threatened by destructive development. According to Pope Francis, there is a reason for the Amazon fire.


Pope Francis has called the devastating forest fires in the Amazonas a result of profiteering. "The destructive fire, as it recently devastated the Amazon, is not the fire of the gospel," said the head of the Catholic Church at the launch of the Amazonas Synod in the Vatican.

The fire of the gospel feeds on "sharing and not on profits," the Pope said. The goal of the destructive fire, on the other hand, is to destroy all "diversity in order to make everything and everyone uniform."

The three-week Synod deals with the needs of the endangered indigenous people in the Amazon region. Invited by the pope from Argentina, 184 church representatives from nine states participated, including 57 from Brazil. The discussion is based on an 80-page document that addresses social injustice, environmental issues, and climate change.

"Aboriginal communities have thousands of years of protecting and cultivating the Amazon," the paper says , The earth is threatened by destructive development.

The world's largest tropical forest, which plays a crucial role in the global climate, is currently ravaging the heaviest fires in years. According to the National Institute for Space Research, nearly 96,600 fires have been registered in Brazil since the beginning of the year, 51.4 percent of them in the Amazon region.

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