"Not on PlayStation"

The 9th round of the Bundesliga had a lot to offer. FC Schalke 04 and Borussia Dortmund delivered a tight territory derby, Bayern won after two straight league games against Union Berlin and the SC Freiburg surprised against RB Leipzig. The most important voices to the action.

Peter Bosz (Coach Bayer Leverkusen): "There were a lot of things that were not right, we can do it a lot better and we played better already, I think we can do it in have done better in the second half, and at this stage we need a bit of luck. "


Florian Kohfeldt (Werder Bremen coach): "We need to be more consistent, the boys will be most annoyed about that, we should not go nuts, a 2-2 draw is a good result for us today.

Davy Klaasen: "We can not say four times but we did not win four times, so we do not really get on with this, but we played too little in the second half today.

Josh Sargent: "The point is alright, I think many would take one point against this team, but one is not enough, everyone knows we wanted to win."

Maximilian Eggestein: "The point in Leverkusen is ok, but in the end it's already tough, got in badly in the game, are lucky that it's an offside goal, otherwise we would have been two away then come in better, but have to play the counterattack better. "

Marco Reus (Captain Borussia Dortmund): "We have to move more forward, invest more. You can see that we lack something lightness, this playfulness, which usually characterizes us otherwise. We would do well to continue working on ourselves. The ease comes only when we are aggressive, go through our plan and win the games. That's not there right now. We have to be able to get that back. That must be our claim. Schalke is also an opponent who also has a plan. We are not here on the PlayStation. That we're always favorites is also clear. "

Marwin Hitz (Goalkeeper Borussia Dortmund) on the game: " We knew that Schalke would put a lot of pressure on them, that they're hot. We did not get in that well. The little bit of luck that Schalke had in the duels, where they always won the ball, fortunately was missing before the goal. We just have to be happy with the point. "

Michael Zorc (Sports Director Borussia Dortmund) on the current situation: " The goals are all yet to be achieved. Of course we have to improve, above all we need our playful automatisms again. It all looks a bit tough. "

David Wagner (FC Schalke 04) to the penalty: " Of course I have a pair of blue and white glasses, but I think you can give it. I wish he looked at him. It was enough time because there was an injury interruption. "

Alexander Nübel (Captain FC Schalke 04) …

… to game: "We did not make the goal. In the first half we had two huge chances. If one goes in, it looks different. We have evolved compared to last week, we take the point so. We saw that we were there. Dortmund just did not have a chance. It was difficult for Dortmund to score because nobody was in the box that wanted to pit. "

… to Matondo: " He made a good game , maybe a bit quieter at the gate. Otherwise, no reproach. "

… to his future: " That does not matter today. It's all about the game. "

Thomas Müller (Bayern Munich) on his future: " The questions are okay. I once reacted to the whole story in a relatively short and concise interview. As I said in Piraeus, I'm trying to focus on sport. There is nothing else to say about it. I heard that the weather will be different starting on Monday. That means I have the air change here as well. That's why we keep the ball flat. I've said it all. "

Niko Kovac (Bayern Munich coach) to Thomas Müller: " I'm sure he will not leave in the winter. "

Robert Lewandowski (scorer Bayern Munich) …

… on his goal record: "I try to do my best, my best game to show. I try to keep playing like that. If there is a goal, then it goes with the gate. There are still many games this season. You have to be in shape all season long. I do not think about how many goals I scored so far. I try to score three points. I do not focus on such things. "

… to Müller and Coutinho: " These are two world-class players. They play a different kind of football, of course, but I think the most important thing is what the players do behind them. We have many options. I'm sure Thomas will help us a lot this season. We have to be quiet with him. He knows that his time will come. If he is angry, you have to show that on the court. We can only say good words about them. "

Christian Gentner (1st FC Union Berlin) to the game: " For us, the first goal was incredibly annoying. We did not allow much. We had mentioned it several times during the week that the Bavarians are fast in free kicks. We were prepared, but still it happens. To catch a goal is brutally annoying. It was a decent performance on the whole, but we are back empty-handed. "

Friedhelm Funkel (Fortuna Dusseldorf coach) about the game: " We played soccer too slowly. In that case you will not be able to score any chances against SC Paderborn. We had one. So we did not want to play soccer. "

Steffen Baumgart (SC Paderborn coach) to scorer Sabiri: " He almost did not play for a year and a half. You also have to work your way into a team. He did that. I told him to just shoot. That's the way it goes, so much the better. "

Ante Covic (Hertha BSC coach) about the game: " We're able to set this stadium on fire despite a 0: 2 deficit , It is all the more bitter that we stand here empty-handed. "

Benjamin Hübner (TSG Hoffenheim) on the match and the bet: " We are highly satisfied. I think there is also a meal for the crew. I think, from our coaching staff. They said that because it was special, that was an incentive. We bring a great appetite. "

Alfred Schreuder (TSG Hoffenheim coach) to bet: " I do not cook. I told the guys I had to pay – McDonalds I think. You can choose something beautiful. "

Nils Petersen (scorer SC Freiburg) about the game: " We played it very, very well. I'm really proud of the team. We have repeatedly pinpricks and let us not be disturbed. We always have setbacks, but we always come back well. It was important that we do not let a negative trend begin in Berlin. "

Julian Nagelsmann (RB Leipzig coach) about the game: If you score in the first 35 minutes, you can Driving counter-clock and doing the second – then the game is eaten – just like top teams do, but we're just not. "

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