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The Story of The First King: Romulus And Remus Trailer:
The brothers Romulus and Remus lead a simple and peaceful life as shepherds on the banks of the Tiber, until the gods someday no longer seem to be weighed. The siblings are surprised by a huge tidal wave and carried away by the current. Far away from their homes, the weakened men manage to escape ashore, where they are taken up by warriors of the city of Alba Longa and enslaved as gladiators. But the brothers manage to free themselves and their fellow prisoners. Fleeing their pursuers, Romulus and Remus, driven by the hope for freedom, decide to build a new and safe city. But only one of the brothers is destined to rule over the new empire, which will go down in history as one of the greatest empires.

Alessandro Borghi, Alessio Lapice, Fabrizio Rongione, Massimiliano Rossi, Tania Garribba, Lorenzo Gleijeses, Vincenzo Crea, Max Malatesta, Fiorenzo Mattu, Gabriel Montesi, Antonio Orlando, Vincenzo Pirrotta, Michael Schermi, Ludovico Succio, Martinus Tocchi, Marina Occhionero, Danilo Sarappa, Federico Diust, Emilio De Marchi, Marzia Pellegrino, Ludovico Micara, Nina Fotaras, Luca Elmi, Riccardo Mioni

Matteo Rovere

Andrea Paris, Matteo Rovere

Filippo Gravino, Francesca Manieri, Matteo Rovere

Film Music:
Andrea Farri



Alessandro Borghi Remo
Alessio Lapice Romolo
Fabrizio Rongione Lars
Massimiliano Rossi Tefarie
Tania Garribba Satani
Lorenzo Gleijeses Purtnass
Vincenzo Crea Elaxantre
Max Malatesta Veltur
Fiorenzo Mattu Mamercus
[GabrielMontesi Adieis
Antonio Orlando [Ernis
Vincenzo Pirrotta Cai
Michael Schermi Aranth
Ludovico Succio Marce
Martinus Tocchi Lubcef
Marina Occhionero Acca Larentia
Danilo Sarappa Picus
Federico Diust
Emilio De Marchi Testa di Lupo
Marzia Pellegrino Velia
Aulo [19459]

Nina Fotaras Ramtha
Luca Elmi Maccus
Riccardo Mioni Nobile Albalonga

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