"Anne Will" on Leadership Question: Will the Grand Coalition Hold?





For months the leadership debate has been the dominant theme in the SPD. But at the latest since the Thuringia election is clear: The CDU is struggling with the same problems. The Political Talk around Anne Will asks: Is the GroKo able to work at all?


The SPD has been working on disassembling itself for some time. Since the election in Thuringia, however, it is clear: The CDU can do that as well. The additional problem: The ongoing inner-party debates and struggles not only cause internal party damage, they also complicate the government work of the Grand Coalition. This was most evident after the election in Thuringia, the dispute over the basic pension and the initiative of the CDU Defense Minister Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer, when she proposed an international deployment in Syria, of the SPD Foreign Minister Heiko Maas, however, found out by SMS

"The question of leadership – do the CDU and SPD still know where they want to go?" Is the title of Anne-Will-Talk on Sunday evening. It should be about whether the GroKo is even able to act. Answer should be given to CDU General Secretary Paul Ziemiak, Juso chairman Kevin Kühnert, political activist Marina Weisband, deputy head of the parliamentary office of the "Rheinische Post", Kristina Dunz, and journalist Gabor Steingart.

First Paul Ziemiak has to work on Will's request to explain the desolate situation of his party. "The look is not good, but it's not all bad either, so we'd better ask questions like why did we lose voters, where is the CDU?" Marina Weisband is also asked if the CDU has a leadership problem: "I do not consider the leadership problem in the CDU to be the biggest problem, it just has to provide future-proof answers." The CDU has a problem, many things go awry, they feel that People and the CDU can not answer that, that's the bigger problem. "

" We Have Enough Problems of Our Own "

Kevin Kühnert does not want to comment on the leadership problem of the SPD coalition partner:" We I do not want to comment on the CDU's internal problems, I'm interested in why we do not hear anything from the Chancellor on important political issues such as ground rent or Syria. "We can not afford leadership." The journalist Steingart has an explanation for Merkel's inaction: "The chancellor energy escapes at some point, as we have seen in Kohl." Nevertheless, he praises Merkel as an impressive personality with "good nerves". Nevertheless, Steingart admits: "Angela Merkel has no idea of ​​the future."

Now, the Syria thrust of Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer into the focus of the discussion round. And the criticism of the SPD that Maas was merely informed by SMS about it. Ziemiak said: "The SPD would have said no to everything anyway." Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer has at least made a concrete proposal. "

" An Indictment of the Coalition "

Journalist Steingart states: "The coalition lacks the basis of trust, and the common vision of the future – where should the country be in 10, 15, 20 years – that's been missing for a long time – you can only make ends meet." Steingarts colleague Dunz takes AKK in protection. It must be mentioned at this point that Dunz has written a book about the CDU politician. "Kramp-Karrenbauer started out as a secretary-general with a lot of momentum, but the momentum disappeared after she became party leader and the first mistakes were made, and she can not get out of this valley that she was so churned up for the Syria proposal by the SPD. is, however, an indictment of the coalition. "

Kühnert then offers the criticism of the SPD as a rough draft for his debates: He calls the CDU" a sparring partner, from which not a single ball flies back ". The coalition – and thus also the society – does not get going because "a party sits opposite us, which does not get the guidance regulated". Moment. The leadership did not get regulated? There was another party that has a problem with the leadership issue. Kristina Dunz is also noticeable. "The SPD leads but also a debate over his leadership." But Kühnert repeatedly emphasizes: "But we are capable of working."

Will the coalition burst?

Time for Anne Will to focus the round on the rent. She states: "The government does not seem to be able to act." And that although CDU and SPD both want to introduce the basic pension after all. Steingart is certain: "The coalition will not burst on that, but land rent is not the answer to the problems, we need to build a new pension system." However, Paul Ziemiak still wonders how the basic pension should be funded without need testing. "The state spends every second euro on social benefits, we also have to talk about who generates it, the property tax is liable for everything the SPD proposes, and I do not understand why the SPD does not stick to the coalition agreement."

Dunz is once again not good at speaking to the SPD. To Kühnert, who does not consider a means test a good idea, she says: "You're distracting yourself from the big problem of your party leadership." If the coalition breaks down on the issue of land rent, then it does not deserve it otherwise This is a really bad appearance. "

Basic pension and care instead of AfD

So still missing the dispute topic" Thuringia election ": It is still open who koaliert with whom , While CDU leader Mike Mohring envisages a minority government with SPD, Greens and FDP, Thuringia CDU Vice Michael Heym even brought a cooperation with the AFD into the game and caused not only other parties, but also in its own ranks for outrage , Marina Weisband comments: "We have to get the situation under control, we have to talk about issues such as land tenure and care instead of working on the AfD, and we have to develop ideas in the other parties that make the AfD's ideas obsolete. "

For Ziemiak, however, it is clear that there will be no coalition with AfD and the Left Party in Thuringia. But how should it continue? Is the logical follow-up question Anne Wills. Gabor Steingart knows one answer: "You have to look at the reasons why people choose the AfD." The election results in Thuringia show: It does not work something. One must take up the communication with the voters. "Communication helps a lot."

Time for the final question: Does the GroKo still two years, asks Will: Dunz to: "If she survives this year, management questions are cleared, there is a stability, then can hold." But November will be decisive, the journalist is sure.

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