Blown away by dinghy: Woman survives two days alone on the sea





A vacationer paddles a small dinghy dinghy on the Aegean Sea and wants to drive back to her chartered yacht. Suddenly she gets blown away by the wind. She is wanted for two days.


A woman who was lost to the Aegean Sea for several days has been rescued in Greece. She had disappeared on Friday near the Greek island of Folegandros. The New Zealander wanted to drive from a yacht with a dinghy ashore, as reported, among other things, the "Daily Mail". She did some errands there and then got back in her dinghy.

On the way back, however, the wind blew so hard that the 45-year-old drifted off her route and could not paddle back to the chartered yacht on her own. Shortly thereafter, the woman was reported missing and alarmed the Coast Guard. According to the Sun, six ships and a naval helicopter were searching for the missing woman on the sea. After two days, they found the missing person in their small boat about 50 nautical miles from the place of their disappearance.

For two nights she trembled on the narrow boat and had no drinking water. She fed on a few sweets she carried with her. The missing person also took advantage of some tricks: According to the Daily Mail, the woman had wrapped herself in plastic bags during the night to keep warm. Later, she also explained that she sang at sea to survive the cold.

After her rescue north of Crete, she was taken to the hospital, where she is currently recovering from the rigors of the high seas. "We found her alive, but she was completely exhausted by her ordeal," a rescue spokesperson said after the rescue.

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