BMW clears the way: Audis new boss is probably stuck





For a long time, BMW has insisted that former member of the Executive Board, Duesmann, fulfill his contract, thus blocking a move to rival Audi. Group circles say that the blockade is now over. Audi wants to appoint Duesmann next week as the new boss.


Volkswagen wants to appoint the former CEO of BMW Markus Duesmann next boss of his daughter Audi, according to information from group circles in the coming week. The board wanted to deal with the personnel at its meeting on 15 November, said three familiar with the matter. It is planned that Duesmann replaces the current Audi boss Bram Schot in April next year, said one of the insiders. As a new position for Schot is the China department in the VW Group Board in conversation. This task is so far responsible of VW boss Herbert Diess. VW and Audi refused to comment.

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<p> According to another insider, BMW has recently decided after long back and forth to dismiss Duesmann on 1 April 2020 and thus prematurely from his contract.The Munich had long insisted that the engineer until October 1 running his According to the uninitiated, the decision to let Duesmann go was followed by longer negotiations between Volkswagen and BMW behind the scenes. </p>
<p> The Dutchman Schot was permanently appointed CEO of the VW subsidiary at the end of last year In June of last year, he moved to the helm of the company after his predecessor Rupert Stadler was arrested for suspected fraud in the diesel affair, later separating Stadler's parent company. </p>
<p> Duesmann is now credited with driving forward the development of clean diesel engines – and eliminating Audis legacy waste gas pollution. He is to help the Ingolstadt premium brand to old shine, which they have lost by the diesel manipulation. This also includes making Audi more economical. According to works council circles, workers and Audi management are negotiating to reduce the capacities of the Ingolstadt and Neckarsulm plants. An agreement can already be reached in the coming week. </p>
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