Controversy over immigration policy: Trump faces defeat in court





The White House keeps trying to complicate legal immigration to the United States. If it were up to Trump, only the people who are insured in the event of illness should apply for a visa. With an order of this kind, the president now fails in court.


In the dispute over his rigorous immigration policy, US President Donald Trump once again suffered defeat in court. A federal judge in Oregon prevented in an urgent decision the entry into force of a presidential order, according to which only applicants should get a visa for the United States, which are insured in the event of illness. The ruling was supposed to come into effect on Sunday and has now been suspended by the judge for the time being.

According to Trump's order signed at the beginning of October, immigrants who can not afford their own health care costs will no longer be allowed into the country , On the contrary, a visa should only be issued if the applicant can prove that he "does not significantly burden" the US healthcare system. Immigrants must be able to prove that they have valid health insurance or that they can pay any medical bills themselves.

"Immigrants entering this country should not continue to burden our health care system and, subsequently, US taxpayers with higher costs" , Trump had declared at the signing of the arrangement and announced that the scheme would apply from November 3.

Order will be suspended for 28 days

This now prevented the federal judge in Oregon. He suspended the presidential decree with his decision to AFP news agency for 28 days. This should give the government and the plaintiffs appealed against the order time to present arguments for their respective positions.

The White House criticized the judge's decision: "The decision of a single judge to obstruct a policy that protects American health care is unjustified and bad, "the government said. Trump has made the fight against immigration one of his main concerns and since his inauguration has pushed far-reaching reforms of immigration law. However, he was often stopped in court.

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