Man took pictures of the corpse: Creepy details about Tinder murder revealed





In the process of murdering a New Zealand backpacker killed in a Tinderdate, cruel details come to light. Among other things, the defendant made several intimate photos of the body. He claims, however, that her death was a sex accident.


The man who allegedly killed a British backpacker in New Zealand on a Tinderdate alleges in court that Grace Millane was accidentally killed in an accident. The defendant's defendant, 27, said the two had consensual sex in a hotel apartment, reports the Daily Mail among others.

According to the defense lawyer Ian Brookie, the woman would have been strangled by mistake – and the defendant was therefore innocent. The prosecution accused the man at the beginning of the trial, however, the murder by strangulation. The young backpacker died only hours before her 22nd birthday. The trial at the Auckland High Court, however, also reveals some details that contradict this accident statement: For after the death of the young woman, the man made several intimate photos of her naked body, watched porn and researched on Google for a place where he was the The corpse of the woman could put off and hide. The prosecution then accused the man that he could have called for help in an accident.

Allegedly, the man did not notice that he had strangled the British tourist and had taken a shower. Later he saw that she lay dead on the floor and blood ran from her nose. But he did not call for an emergency call, but later took the body off in a suitcase and dropped it off in a suburb of Auckland. "That may sound a bit incomprehensible to the jury, but that does not make him a murderer yet," his defense attorney told the court.

The case had caused quite a stir in New Zealand and Britain in December 2018. Surveillance cameras had recorded the night of Millane's death as the young British woman and the present defendant kissed and disappeared into a hotel, hand in hand. During the date, the Briton had sent a text message to a friend saying that she felt comfortable and that she had a good time. It was the last hours of Millane.

Actually, she wanted to travel around the world for a year after completing her studies and also made a stopover in Auckland. Previously, she was traveling with a tour group in South America. After Millane did not respond to any of the birthday greetings, she was reported missing and found dead days later. The verdict should be pronounced in about five weeks.

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