Rock Hard – PRETTY MAIDS: 'Will You Still Kiss Me' – Single in Video


08.11.2019, 20:06

Just in time for today's release of their new album, "Undress Your Madness," the PRETTY MAIDS feature a video on Will You Still Kiss Me.

Just in time for the release of their new studio album "Undress Your Madness", the PRETTY MAIDS are showing a music video for the song 'Will You Still Kiss Me', which you can see below. The sequel to the Danes' "Kingmaker" Slate, released in 2016, is now available through Frontiers Records.

The "Undress Your Madness" Tracklist:

1. Intro
. 2 Serpentine
. 3 Firesoul Fly
4. Undress Your Madness
5. Will You Still Kiss Me
6. Runaway World
7. If You Want Peace (Prepare For War)
8. Slave Driver
. 9 Shadowlands
10th Black Thunder
11. Strength Of A Rose

See 'Will You Still Kiss Me' – video clip here:


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