Trump relocates from New York to Florida – less taxes

The numbers speak for themselves: Donald Trump has spent 99 days in the Mar-a-Lago estate in Florida since his inauguration, according to US broadcaster NBC. In the Trump Tower in New York City, however, only 20 days. Now the US President is taking the next step and moving his first residence to Florida.


First, the New York Times reported on the process and published portions of relevant documents that Trump and his wife Melania completed. In future, Mar-a-Lago will become the primary residence of the Trumps in the city of Palm Beach. The documents are dated at the end of September. Among "other dwellings" there is 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington D.C. specified – the address of the White House.


Later, Trump confirmed the news on Twitter. Although New York will always have a "special place" in its heart, it will turn its back on the city and the state. "Although I paid millions in taxes every year, I was treated as badly by the political leaders there as almost anyone else before me."


From circles of the White House later said that the process had mainly tax reasons. It is still unclear whether Trump will keep his apartment in the Trump Tower. If he spends a certain amount of time a year, he has to pay federal income tax in New York.


Cool farewell from NYC


In Florida, Trump's tax obligations are likely to be lower, according to the New York Times. That Trump practically makes a state secret out of his tax returns is an open question.


In New York, the annoyance over the departure of the president seems to be in check. His visits had regularly worsened the traffic chaos in Manhattan, anyway New York City is considered to be mostly democratic.


It became clear to New York Governor Andrew M. Cuomo, a Democrat: "Well, bye bye, it's not that Mr. Trump paid taxes here, you can have it, Florida."

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