"Will Be bored to see Lewis win"

For the third year in a row, Lewis Hamilton has secured the world title with Mercedes in the 2019 Formula One season. This time, the British made ten wins and six more podiums to premature winning the championship at the US Grand Prix. Overall, he missed the podium in three races only three times.

The competition is of course not very enthusiastic about it: "It gets a little boring to see Lewis win," says Max Verstappen, "so we have to try that to change." This year, the Red Bull pilot has so far only twice: In Austria and Germany Verstappen each celebrated a victory.


But the Dutchman hopes he and his up and coming Ferrari rival Charles Leclerc will be able to fight for the title next year. "I think it's good for the sport that the boys are coming now and hopefully will take the lead very soon," Verstappen is quoted by the news agency "Reuters."

Verstappen takes Red Bull into duty

The Red Bull talent is thus seeking a generation change. After all, Hamilton turns 35 in January, while Verstappen and Leclerc are much younger at the age of 22. "He is getting older, so it will eventually stop," the Dutchman speculates about a possible end to Hamilton's winning streak in F1.

Verstappen admits, "It will depend on the team, to be honest It will not depend on Lewis, if Mercedes continues to build truly dominant cars, he will surely win, so as a team we just have to make sure we can beat them. " Currently, Red Bull ranks behind Mercedes and Ferrari in third place.

With the change to Honda engines, the team's hopefuls are well equipped for the future. "I think we are on the right track, and seeing the engine performance compared to Mercedes and Renault, we are now very close to Mercedes, which is very promising for next year," he explains.

Fraud allegations against Ferrari: No comment

Asked about his recent comments on Ferrari, Verstappen taciturned ahead of the weekend's Brazilian Grand Prix: "It's a sensitive topic, so I'm trying to hold back on this. I prefer it "Just keep going, leave everything, and concentrate on Brazil."

The Red Bull rider had declared Ferrari's top speed loss in Austin fraudulent, causing the Scuderia's annoyance. At times thick air also prevailed between Verstappen and Hamilton – after various taunts up and down the track. Meanwhile, the two could settle their dispute.

"We talked on the grid in Austin, I respect Lewis of course, but we are also tough racers and sometimes it can be a bit more difficult, but we talked and everything is fine, "says the Dutchman. Hamilton is "definitely one of the best drivers ever" and he has no problem with him.

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