Report from Florida: Hai encounters Chandler Moore, 7, from surfboard – filmed with GoPro

It was a perfect day for surfing, Shaun Moore told CNN. He and his seven-year-old son Chandler set off last Saturday for New Smyrna Beach in Orlando, Florida, the sun had shined, the waves had been ideal.


According to the report, father and son went into the water together with their surfboards. Shaun Moore then gave Chandler a boost to get the boy off to a perfect start. A GoPro camera was attached to the seven-year-old's surfboard – and the video of the wave ride is currently causing a stir on social networks. Shaun Moore posted it on his Twitter account:


The seven-year-old is seen taking the wave, getting up on the surfboard, balancing for a few seconds – and then getting knocked off the board. "I thought what hit me was just a fish," Chandler told CNN. Only when father and son later watched the video footage, they had noticed their error: It was not a fish, but a shark.


According to the report, it was probably a so-called Little Blacktip Shark, which is found frequently off the coast of New Smyrna Beach. Chandler was not injured in the incident. When asked if he would go back surfing soon, he said, "Absolutely."

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