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Long Search for Factory Location: Woidke considers Tesla CEO Musk "Reliable"

                            Wednesday, November 13, 2019                                                             Electrician Pioneer Tesla wants to set up a factory in the outskirts of Berlin for his European business. Brandenburg head of government Woidke is pleased about the surcharge. At the same time, the SPD politician explains why the carmaker decided after several months for the

Formula 1: Kevin Magnussen asserts: "feel bad"

Formula One has ambitious goals and wants to become more environmentally friendly. Details of Liberty Media's climate initiative have been announced in recent days. CO2 emissions are to be drastically reduced in the coming years. The pilots welcome this move after Lewis Hamilton has already been in charge of environmental and climate protection. The world

Alcohol in the food: That overcooks! Or not?

Wednesday, 13.11.2019 14:27 A glass of white wine comes to the risotto, a whole bottle of burgundy to the roast beef. Add a touch of Madeira to the sauce, and a spoonful of cognac in the mousse au chocolat. Alcohol, sometimes more, sometimes less high percentage, is on the ingredients list of many recipes, from