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Cinema Charts Germany: The Top 10 from 02.12.2019

Hustler's new feature film with Jennifer Lopez is finally released in cinemas here in Germany. He became the highest newcomer to the current German cinema charts. Where exactly the comedy lands and how the Ice Queen 2 is, we tell you here in this week's Top 10 movie with trailer. In many countries Hustlers had

Cinema Charts Germany: The Top 10 from 25.11.2019

Disney sends his successful sisters into the race to conquer the German Cinema Charts. Whether Ice Queen 2 can ascend the throne, we'll tell you here. The Stephen King fabric Doctor Sleeps Awakening re-enters the Top 10 cinema, so it's worth taking a look at: While DC's Joker breaks billions in box office earnings, Disney's

Cinema Charts Germany: The Top 10 from 18.11.2019

The first Christmas film of the year has started and will soon be the highest newcomer to the German cinema charts. Instead of war and dragon, Game of Thrones star Emilia Clarke is fully engaged in the celebration of love in Last Christmas. How the romantic comedy beats in the cinema Top 10, we tell

The Ice Queen 2: First Spectators Cry in the Cinema

The Ice Queen 2 recently premiered worldwide. First reactions to the eagerly awaited sequel already existed. This seems to become a lot more adult and more emotional than its predecessor. The first viewers even had to cry when they saw the premiere in the cinema. Here's what you get from Frozen 2. The list of

Dacha trailer | TrailerPage FILM.TV

The Story of the Datsche Trailer: The New Yorker Valentin sets off across the Atlantic to pursue his German roots in Berlin. The dacha, which his late grandfather left to him, is not in Berlin at all, but in a sleepy allotment garden in the former East of the Republic. The neighbors welcome him with